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  1. Great site, signed your guestbook from hotels in Gatwick.

    (Posted on 2012-08-27 16:48:00 by )
  2. Just visited your digitalhead website and wanted to say hey to you guys.

    (Posted on 2012-06-03 12:23:00 by )
  3. where can i find the tour dates page.

    (Posted on 2012-01-07 12:50:00 by )
  4. you not bad kid but uhh you will probly get better...

    i mean even anchorspash learns new tricks everyday...

    Just try to keep up with the music; turn up the bpm of you main sometimes; keep it original and random.

    --Da Wich

    (Posted on 2011-01-08 20:31:00 by )
  5. sup foo

    (Posted on 2010-11-26 06:23:00 by )
  6. You should get more creative with your site/logo. Right now you just kinda look like some wanna be deadmau5

    Although your remix of Hard Selection is pretty sick.

    (Posted on 2010-11-19 03:28:00 by )
  7. well im bord....still making music and cant wait tell my album is finished for you guys!

    (Posted on 2010-10-11 03:38:00 by )
  8. yo whats up man your music is beast

    (Posted on 2010-05-25 21:13:00 by )
  9. heyyyyyy

    (Posted on 2010-05-19 16:24:00 by )
  10. thanks guys make sure to check out my twitter feed laters!!!

    (Posted on 2010-04-28 05:20:00 by )
  11. hey bitch whats up

    (Posted on 2010-04-25 04:36:00 by )
  12. lol thanks man....hey add me on youtube (DJXELEC)

    (Posted on 2010-04-25 03:26:00 by )
  13. whats up?

    (Posted on 2010-04-25 03:23:00 by )

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